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Living in Long Island and enjoying the summertime, naturally you will be around water, whether at a friend's swimming pool or at one of the many beaches we have around us.

Getting comfortable in the water is essential in most summer activities and to truly relax and unwind, while your kids are safely playing in the water learning how to swim is a must!

I know how to effectively teach the art of swimming, but most importantly I truly enjoy children and swimming, delivering effective and quick results.


We can take it a step further and touch on the basics of competitive swimming, improving technique and efficiency in the water.
Learning how to swim is an essential skill for survival and also during those fun summer vacations. Sure, you could just jump in the pool and doggy paddle. (And if that feels like the best place for you to start, go for it!) But good swimming form can make a world of difference.


Give your kid the knowledge of swimming with private swim lessons tailored exclusively for your child's needs.

Teaching the art
of swimming

Private classes
Exclusive one-on-one swimming lessons focusing on your kids. Ensuring a secure, safe, and friendly learning experience.
Cozy pool
Our classes are held at a private backyard pool. Grab a seat and watch your kids gain the knowledge of swimming.
Adaptive packages
Flexible schedule helps you to balance swim lessons with your daily activities.
Easy to understand
The swimming instructor will help your child progress through the program with informative and clear directions.
Hi, my name is Priscilla
Swimmer, instructor, and mom
Being a mom and living in Long Island I understand the importance of kids being exposed to water and having the water safety basics. After all, we are surrounded by it!

I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life, and held school and college records. I worked as a lifeguard and as a coach at the YMCA for the last 15 years.

Swimming is a true passion of mine, and I'd love to share and coach your children to hopefully develop that same passion.

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